Thursday, April 03, 2008

The sweatshirt of hope

This time of year brings a new phase of denial into my life. I'll be brief - the seasons change and what was once mild to cold is now hot to hell. Florida weather is back, and is showing now signs of cooling off again. It's hot.

My car is my second closet, and during the winter, my car functions as a haven for my long sleeves. It's a nice feeling.

We went through March being cold and hot, sometimes in the same day. But now, it's just hot. My second closet has dwindled into one pitiful looking sweatshirt balled up in my backseat. This is where the denial kicks in. I know that I will never have a use for that sweatshirt now that it's constantly 85+ degrees in Tallahassee, but if I bring that sweatshirt inside my house, I lose all hope. It's that final goodbye to nice weather that I'm not ready to say.

So that hoodie is staying in my car as long as possible. I'm not ready to let go.

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